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Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX

Brotherhood is Temple's men's group sponsoring programs and activities for education, social justice, and community building, as well as providing financial and personal support to Temple, the Jewish community, and general community programs. All men belonging to Temple Emanu-El are welcome and encouraged to join.


Brotherhood participates in many mitzvah, social, fund raising, educational, and community service activities with special emphasis on the Jewish community. Learn about all of them by watching our latest Presentation.


Today in Jewish History


King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed a decree expelling the Jews from Spain.


Hyman Lipman, a Philadelphia Jew patented the lead pencil. Lipman was a printer who also played a key role in the early development of the postal card.


On the secular calendar, birth date of Maimonides (Moses Ben Maimon) in Cordova, Spain. According to Jewish tradition he was born Erev Pesach. "From Moses to Moses there was none like Moses.' This folk saying sums up the greatness of the man. There is not space enough to do justice to his amazing life. Such were his intellectual capabilities that one person said, if you did not know that Maimonides was the name of the man you would think that it was the name of a university. He is most noted for his codification of Jewish Law called the Mishneh Torah (Review of the Torah) and his philosophic work Moreh Nevuchim (Guide To The Perplexed). But for some the true measure of the man is the lesser known Letter of Consolation and Letter on the Sanctification of God. He wrote both of these to reassure the Jews of Fez that to encourage them in their steadfastness to Judaism and to emphasize the fact that God hears our prayers and that our sins do not detract from our good deeds. He wrote a great deal more including medical books. Maimonides refused to "make a profit from the crown of the Torah" so while he served as the leader of the Jewish community in Egypt; he earned a living as a leading physician. Maimonides died in Egypt in December, 1204 or Tevet, 4965. He is buried in Tiberias and many make a point of visiting the grave of this sage. In 2013, his birth coincides with the holiday of Pesach when many Jews begin studying his teachings on a cyclical basis.

Latest News

Community Breakfast: Am I Jewish?
October 31, 2016 - Dr. Richard Wasserman, discussion moderatorAn online, interactive discussion with Israeli leaders about the current situation of who is or is not considered as Jewish in Israel. Dr. Richard Wasserman moderated.
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Community Breakfast on Political Honesty
February 21, 2016 -
Over 150 attendees were on hand to listen to and participate in a discussion on, "Does Honesty and Accuracy Still Matter in Politics." An extremely knowledgeable panel make this a great learning event.
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Helping with Leah's Kitchen Dinner
November 20, 2015 - Scott SaldingerAs in past years, Brotherhood helped with the Leah's Kitchen Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the residents of Vickery Meadow. We were happy to help feed about 190 people by slicing turkeys, heating the food, and filling and refilling the serving line.

President's Vision for 2011-2012

By: Jeff Light, July 11, 2011
Jeff Light
Jeff Light
It is through understanding our member's needs can we provide value!
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