Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2011

  1. Mr. Light called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
  2. D'var Torah: Robert
    Naso – Numbers –census, instructions on how to purify the tribes
    Rabbi Richard Block warned about the blessing and the curse of prosperity. The prosperity that we give away is forever –to our temples, to our community and to the needy.
  3. Introductions of New Members
  4. Introductions of Current Members (2)
    1. Name: Winn Fuqua
      Where you are from? Texas
      How you ended up at Brotherhood and what you get out of Brotherhood?
      Something most people don't know about you:
      I am not Jewish, but I feel more comfortable at Temple than I did at the church that I went to as a child.
    2. Name: Robert Arrambide
      Where you are from? Basque part of Spain
      How you ended up at Brotherhood and what you get out of Brotherhood
      Something most people don't know about you
      Years ago, I took the Stepping Stones course to learn about Judaism. I became involved with Temple and then converted. Also, I am really not this short.
    3. Name: Buz Crutcher
      Ron asked me "What are you doing Monday?" and then he asked me to come to a Brotherhood meeting. I ended up the Recording Secretary of
      I am active with national MRJ
  5. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: Tom Timmons
    The May 2011 minutes were approved as written
  6. Treasurer Report: Mike
    The financials were approved unanimously.
  7. Update on Temple Board Meeting: Stephen
    They are looking at renaming the Pre-School to Early Childhood Education Center . It is based on an Italian model of early learning. The Temple Board is also considering a proposed change of the logo for the Pre-School. The Pre-School is about 70% Jewish.
  8. Looking at the next 6 month Brotherhood activities, getting feedback and your involvement: Jeff Light
    1. Ongoing Volunteer Activity
      1. Mitzvah Cooking 1st Monday of Month
      2. Ushering Shabbat and High Holidays
      3. Meals on Wheels ongoing
      4. Participation in various Temple committees
      5. Veranda
    2. Monthly Activities – June – December
      1. Vickery Meadow reading June
      2. Kosher Meals on Wheels
      3. Shofar Factory September
    3. Monthly Activities – January – May
      1. Party Expo January 29
      2. Boy Scout Troup Shabbat and Oneg February 10
      3. Brotherhood Day April 1
        • Blood Drive
        • Plant Sale
        • Community Coffee
      4. Greene Family Camp May
    4. We want to call each of our members to let them know what we do and asking for suggestions. Each member will be asked to volunteer for at least one activity.
    5. Brotherhood provides half the cookies at the Friday oneg and started the Morning Minyan. We donate both time and money.
  9. New Business
    Several people mentioned that they get to know other Brotherhood members through projects and fundraising. It is about participating, doing our mitzvah.
  10. Old Business
    1. No July Meeting
  11. Coming in Summer 2011
    1. Contacting all Brotherhood members by telephone to understand their needs and wants (June/July)
    2. Robin Kosberg (President of the Board) (August)
    3. speaking about her vision for the Temple
  12. Old Business
    1. Update on meetings with key stakeholders: Jeff Light
  13. New Business
    1. Stephen will present a D'var Torah for August. Frost will present a D'var for September.
  14. Adjourn: 7:50 pm
    Respectfully submitted,
    Tom Timmons
    Mobile: 214-557-1881
Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Jul 11, 2011

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