Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2011

3 August 2011

1.    Mr. Light called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
2.    D’var Torah:                Tom Timmons
D’varim means “words” – “These are the words of Moses.”  D’varim is both the name of the weekly Parsha and the Hebrew name for the book, also called Deuteronomy.  The entire book takes place just before the people are to enter the land.  It includes several long speeches by Moses and his retelling the stories of the people since the Exodus from Egypt.
3.    Introductions of New Members
4.    Introductions of Current Members
a.    Name: Sam Levine
Where you are from?
How you ended up at Brotherhood and what you get out of Brotherhood?
Something most people don’t know about you:
I was the head of the youth movement in Great Neck
b.    Name: Michael Podolsky
Where you are from?  I went to college and medical school in Philadelphia and interned in Rhode Island.  I did residencies in both radiology in Dayton and nuclear medicine in Detroit.
How you ended up at Brotherhood and what you get out of Brotherhood:
I was called and asked to come to a meeting and then I was asked to join the Board.
Something most people don’t know about you
I was a member of Temple Shalom for years, but then switched to Temple Emanu-El.
c.    Name: Jon Karp
Where you are from?
How you ended up at Brotherhood and what you get out of Brotherhood?
Something most people don’t know about you:
I was at Temple Shalom for a year and then switched to Temple Emanu-El
I Got interested in watching Masterpiece Theater so and as a result, I decided to read all of the books by Charles Dickens
5.    Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:        Tom Timmons
The June 2011 minutes were approved as written
6.    Treasurer Report:                Mike Abrams
We had $59,582.85 in total assets and a loss of $9,275.51 for April through July.  The financials were approved unanimously.
7.    Update on Temple Board Meeting:        Stephen Levine/Jeff Light
Temple will soon begin a capital campaign for renovations to existing parts of Temple and for adding a mid-size sanctuary, smaller than the large Olan Sanctuary but bigger than Lefkowitz Chapel.
8.    Looking at the next 6 month Brotherhood activities, getting feedback and your involvement:                    Jeff Light
a.    Ongoing Volunteer Activity
i.    Mitzvah Cooking    1st Monday of Month
ii.    Ushering        Shabbat and High Holidays
iii.    Meals on Wheels    ongoing
iv.    Participation in various Temple committees
v.    Veranda
b.    Monthly Activities – June – December
i.    Vickery Meadow reading    June
ii.    Kosher Meals on Wheels
iii.    Shofar Factory         September
iv.    Coats for Kids            October
c.    Monthly Activities – January – May
i.    Party Expo            January 29, 2012
ii.    Boy Scout Troup Shabbat and Oneg    February 10
iii.    Brotherhood Day        October 2011 and April 1, 2012
-    Blood Drive
-    Plant Sale
-    Community Coffee
iv.    Greene Family Camp        May
d.    We want to call each of our members to let them know what we do and asking for suggestions.  Each member will be asked to volunteer for at least one activity.
e.    Brotherhood provides half the cookies at the Friday oneg and started the Morning Minyan.  We donate both time and money.
9.    New Business
a.    Temple Emanu-El Brotherhood has received the J. Jacques Stone award from Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) for outstanding service to temple during Stephen Shore’s Presidency.
b.    We have been asked to participate with caring congregation in Honoring Our Own November 4 Shabbat and Oneg, recognizing our members of the military. Robert Arrambide said that baby wipes and hard candies would be especially appreciated by the military.  Buzz Deitchman moved that we authorize up to $500 and appoint a committee do decide our participation and suggested package content for the Honoring Our Own.  It was approved unanimously.
c.    The Temple Board has decided to begin a capital campaign.  We were also asked what we would like to see on a Temple web site.  Brotherhood should have a spot on the Temple web site as well as other improvements.
d.    MRJ has a list of best practices.  The MRJ web site is available to everyone by signing up.
e.    Steve Shore: the article in this month’s Window is about the Shofar Factory on September 18.  Anyone who wants to make a shofar will pay $10.  This year we will be helped by two Chabad Rabbis, who will also train the volunteers.  Next year we may be able to run it ourselves.  We are trying to arrange for everyone who made a shofar to bring it for the High Holy Days.
f.    This year we are scheduling to help with Greene Family Camp on Sunday, October 30, Mitzvah Day for Temple Emanu-El
g.    Alan Harris: Brotherhood will help at Jill Stone Elementary on a Saturday in May, around 1:00 pm
h.    Jon Karp agreed to run the Party Expo
i.    We have talked about a Passover workshop along with Sisterhood and the Young Adults
j.    Joel Batalsky: There is a two month lead time to get anything into the Window.  Please be sure to send in any announcements months ahead of time.  We can also add links to the web site in Window articles.
10.    Old Business
a.    Update on meetings with key stakeholders: Jeff Light
11.    New Business
a.    Robert Arrambide will present a D’var Torah for September.
12.    Adjourn: 7:55 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Timmons
Mobile: 214-557-1881

Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Sep 7, 2011

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