Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2011


    President Jeffrey Light called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

    Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen joined us for dinner.  She grew up in Pacific Palisades, California. She went to one year of college in Israel.  She spent five years as a Jewish community worker before going to HUC New York to become a Rabbi.

1)  D’Var Torah                                Robert Arrambide
Some 41 mitzvot are in Parshat Shoftim.  Many of the mitzvot have to do with criminal law.  Rabbi Ron wants us to respect the criminal.  Rabbi Goldfarb thinks that we must first reform the would-be criminal.  Often our prosecutors are overly aggressive.  There are many people who have spent most of their lives in the system.  Brotherhood tries to help children, such as those in Vickery Meadow, so that they are less likely to get into problems.

2)  Introductions of New Members
Isaac Tractenberg has been a member for over twenty-five years, but has just recently joined Brotherhood.

3)  Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes                    Tom Timmons
The August minutes were approved as written.

4)  Honoring Our Own November 4th Shabbat and Oneg - Helen Frank/Robin Sachs/Caring Congregation
The Military Initiative was started to raise awareness of Temple members who are in the military.  Over the last two years, it has become very active with the families.  We try to include a human interest story about our military families in each Window.  We have sent out “care” boxes to members of the military with the help of many congregants.
This year, we have named November as a special month in recognition of our military, starting October 1.  Brotherhood could be involved in preparing boxes.  Last year we sent sixty boxes.  The contents were donated by Lee Schultz.  This year we are looking for donations for the boxes, things that they do not necessarily get when they are overseas.  We are hoping that Brotherhood will pack boxes at the November meeting.  We have allocated $500.

5)  Heart House (Wednesday afternoon)Volunteers needed    Saralyn Bush
Temple and Brotherhood have been active in Vicory Meadow for a number of years.  We are starting a new project.  This will be a chance to develop a relationship with the children for after school programs.  They will have a structured program to help with studies and citizenship.  We are looking for volunteers in the afternoon, 3:30 to 6:00 on Wednesdays.  The children are K through 8, divided by age groups.

6)  Treasurer Report                Mike Abrams
We are off by about $10,000 because of schedule of dues and some extra expenses.
Children in Early Childhood are starting to raise chicken and will collect eggs.

7)  Update on Temple Board Meeting            Stephen Levine

8)  VP Reports
    i)  Stephen Levine, VP    Attendance

    ii)  Alan Harris, VP
(1) Membership
We are having a short membership meeting after the Brotherhood meeting to approve or otherwise consider the items to be mailed in the membership drive.
(2) Shofar Factory (Sept 18, 2011)                Volunteers Needed
Sign up for one of several shifts.  The youngest children to build shofars are fifth grade.  Our cost will be about eight or nine dollars each.
(3) Habitat for Greene Family Camp (Oct 30, 2011)    Volunteers Needed
October 30 does not work for Greene Family Camp since no one will be at the camp that weekend.Jill Stone Elementary (May 2012)

iii)  Richard Wasserman, VP
(1) Community Coffee (October 16, 2011, April 2012)     Volunteers Needed
We have three speakers to talk about balancing the federal budget.Party Expo (Feb 2011) Led by Jon Karp       
(2) Passover Event Party (2012) Discussion (looking for volunteer coordinator)
We are working with young adults and Sisterhood.

iv) Barry Gluck, VP
(1) Coats for Kids (Oct. 16, 2011)    Volunteers needed
(2) Leah’s Kitchen (Nov 2011)
(3) X-Mas Mitzvah (Dec 2011)
(4) Purim Carnival (2012)
(5)Mitzvah Cooking (Monthly)            Volunteers welcome

v) Alan Selz, VP
(1) Plant Sale (Oct 16, 2011, April 2012)    Volunteers needed
(2) Blood Drive (Oct 23, 2011, April 2012)    Harry has already corralled you
(3) Ushering (Monthly)/High holidays        Volunteers needed for Pollman
We especially need volunteers for Pollman.
(4) Meals on Wheels/Kosher Delivery (Monthly)     need 9/12 driver
We need drivers.  We need drivers. If you have a buddy, one can drive and the other can navigate and deliver to each location.
(5) Boy Scouts & Oneg (Monthly)

9)  Old Business
Robin Kosberg (President of the Board) (October) will speak about her vision for the Temple

10) New Business
Ron Cohen has one of these tall inflatable moving characters that we could use as an attention getter for Brotherhood Day or other events. We could get a cloth banner to attach to it.
Jon suggested having another Cowboys watch party.  There was much support.

11) Adjourn 6:59 pm

Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Sep 16, 2011

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