Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2011




1. President Jeffrey Light called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. D’Var Torah Richard Wasserman

3. Introductions of New Members – no new members were introduced

4. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes Tom Timmons

The October minutes were approved as written.

5. Reports

a. Boy Scouts Buddy Gilbert

The Scouts have been a part of Brotherhood as a sponsoring member for longer than anyone can remember. We have a new Scout Master, Rich Champion. Rich has been Scout Master for about six months. The financial support from Brotherhood is very much appreciated. He also thanks Buddy, who really does advocate Scouting. We have been involved in several service projects. The weekly meetings are on Monday nights. The Scouts have attended several events with other Scout troops. Over twenty merit badges were awarded and two of our Scouts attained Eagle. We have had six boys age out of the troop. We need to fill that gap. Aaron Noble asked Vicery Meadow what they needed. Aaron built a picket fence around their vegetable garden. Stephen Shore said that the troop will work on their religious matters and the Scout Shabbat is on December 9-10, 2011.

b. Treasurer Report Mike Abrams

Two of the big income items have not occurred yet: Membership drive and the plant sale.

c. Update on Temple Board Meeting Jeff Light

d. VP Reports

i. Stephen Levine, VP

1. Attendance – please sign the attendance sheet

ii. Alan Harris, VP

1. Membership – a volunteer sheet was circulated for stuffing the membership mailing.. People can pay online.

2. Habitat for Greene Family Camp (Oct 30, 2011) Volunteers Needed

3. Jill Stone Elementary (May 2012)

iii. Richard Wasserman, VP

1. Community Coffee (October 16, 2010, April 2011) Volunteers Needed

The topic will be “Balancing the Federal Budget.”..

2. Party Expo (Feb 2011) Led by Jon Karp

3. Passover Event Party (2012) Discussion (looking for volunteer coordinator)

iv. Barry Gluck, VP

1. Coats for Kids (Oct. 16, 2011) Volunteers needed

Many coats were contributed and many have already go to the cleaners.

2. Leah’s Kitchen (Nov 17, 2011)

3. X-Mas Mitzvah (Dec 2011)

4. Purim Carnival (2012) Jeff Light

5. Mitzvah Cooking (Monthly) Volunteers welcome

v. Alan Selz, VP

1. Plant Sale (Oct 16, 2011, April 2012) Volunteers needed

2. Blood Drive (Oct 23, 2011, April 2012) Harry has already caroled you

3. Meals on Wheels/Kosher Delivery (Monthly)

4. Boy Scouts & Oneg (Monthly)

e. Honoring our own: Numerous Brotherhood members are veterans, and several told about their service to our country.

f. Brotherhood supplied the contents and put them in the mailer boxes.

6. New Business

Do we want to work on the capital campaign? It is a three year campaign. Do we contribute something from our reserves or from current earnings? Do we have a special fundraising event? If the current membership campaign is successful, then that would help. They also need volunteers. There was a show of hands of how many people wanted to participate in the capital campaign. It was unanimous. Buz moved that we contribute a lump sum of $25,000 from reserves with the contingency that it be held in trust and be refunded if the campaign is not successful. Frosty seconded and the motion was tabled unanimously for further discussion and a vote at the December meeting.

7. Old Business

8. Adjourn at 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Timmons


Mobile: 214-557-1881


Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Jan 2, 2012

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