Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2011

  1. Executive Vice-President Steve Levine called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

  2. D’Var Torah Frosty Gardner
          Vayishlach is the continuation of the story of Jacob. This parsha includes the meeting with his brother Esau. Jacob is headed back to his homeland. The word is that his brother has come out with four hundred men, so his is afraid. He sends an advance party out with a lot of animals. Jacob wrestles the night before with an “ish.” The brothers met in peace. If you have a challenge or a controversy, and you are unsure, the best thing to do is to meet it head on and try to get it resolved. Try to make it more palatable for the other guy. You cannot sweep it under the rug, so you try to have an amicable solution.

  3. Introductions of New Member
    Bruce Aranoff has been in Dallas for twenty-five years and has been a Temple member for fifteen years. Bruce is a commercial banking consultant.

  4. The minutes from the prior meeting were not available Tom Timmons

  5. Reports

    1. Treasurer Report - Mike Abrams
           The Board approved the November report.

    2. Update on Temple Executive Board Meeting Steve Levine
           Construction has started on a cemetery service building. Temple has thirty new member families. Temple’s web site is being totally changed.

    3. Involvement in Temple Capital Campaign Steve Levine
      Motion to delay vote on involvement was supported unanimously.

  6. VP Reports

    1. Stephen Levine, VP
      1. Attendance sheet was passed around.

    2. Alan Harris, VP
      1. Membership - We are at about 155 members after the first mailing. The second mailing has gone out. The third mailing will go out toward the end of December. Everyone likes the new brochure. Steve Einstein donated the paper and color printing.
      2. Habitat for Greene Family Camp (Spring 2012)
      3. Jill Stone Elementary (May 5 2012)

    3. Richard Wasserman, VP
      1. Community Coffee ( Done/April 2012) Richard said that there is interest in having a sports themed meeting, but he is not sure how to structure it. Richard said that he is open to other suggestions. City politics and new district map was suggested as was Parkland Hospital. The director of the George Bush Library is a good speaker per Frosty.
      2. Party Expo (March 4, 2012) Jon Karp
        We have outside signs for Party Expo and Community Coffee. The question is are we allowed to put them up. We need to recruit more members. Last year we had no caterers. We need more people to recruit, with different connections. If several people can each get one new vendor, then we will have a good event. We need to also think in terms of finding a sponsor for the event. We also need to also encourage more attendees, looking beyond just Temple. We will have fliers early enough to distribute them to other synagogues.

    4. Barry Gluck, VP
      1. Leah’s Kitchen (done) several brotherhood members carved forty to fifty turkeys. We need to help Sisterhood with preparation. Three or four hundred people were fed. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding.
      2. X-Mas Mitzvah (Dec 24, 2011) We have had quite a few changes. Family Get-a-Way is for homeless children. Legacy at Preston Hollow needs more volunteers. Bring people water and help with bingo. Methodist Hospital is taken care of.
      3. Purim Carnival (February 5, 2012) Temple is not using as many games as they used to, so what they want us to do has changed.
      4. Mitzvah Cooking (Monthly) We cooked on Sunday for the same places. Thom Thumb is one of the last large places to help, so please patronize them.

    5. Alan Selz, VP
      1. Plant Sale (April 2012)
      2. Blood Drive ( April 2012) Harry Kabler will be organizing the Blood Drive again.
      3. Meals on Wheels/Kosher Delivery (Monthly)
      4. Boy Scouts & Oneg (Monthly)

  7. Old Business – there was no old business

  8. New Business – there was no new business

  9. Adjourn – the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Timmons
Mobile: 214-557-1881

Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Jan 3, 2012

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