Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2014




1. D’Var Torah Stephen Shore

Parshat Tetsave – Most of it talks about what the priests should wear, but the first three verses have to

do with providing pure oil for lighting - for the Israelites throughout the ages. Regular or continual

light represents the ner tamid. G-d is the light for man, bringing light out of the darkness. The beaten

oil means pound the information that you have until you get all of the truth from it. “Kindling the light

regularly” needs to be clear, in the tent of meeting – a public place. Where you are in the dark about

something, you have to beat the last iota out of the information. Before the Lord means that what we are

learning has religious significance. Tell the truth, be meticulous about all of this knowledge, including

what is in the Torah. Reading it cursorily is not enough. This even applies to general and scientific


2. Introductions of New Members

Arthur Morganstern:

We are new to the synagogue. Our daughter encouraged us to join and we did.

3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes

Approved as written.

4. Speaker: Jack Bell and Esther McKinna – Schma Emanu-El. Esther was one of the first that was asked

to participate. Every time there has been a Schma Emanu-El, the committee has learned more about the

process. The purpose is to help people connect, to become more involved. It has gone from 400 to 800.

The goal was originally have a thousand, so we are almost in reach. What is your most impactful Jewish

experience? Esther remembers going to Shul with her grandfather, who was the cantor.

Write down the responses at the Havdallah. Later there will be interest groups.

5. Committee Reports

a. Approval of January 2014 Financials Mike Abrams

They were approved unanimously.

b. This is our fourth month to collect from our Tzadakah boxes. The money goes to Vickery


c. Joan Genender - Wednesday the 19

th WRJ is going to give an art tour of Temple.

d. Joan Genender – WRJ is going to be in charge of creating a new directory for Temple.

e. Frosty Gardner – the Music Committee is sponsoring Mandy Patinkin on March 30. The

preferred seating will be cut off in a couple of days. We already have 260 preferred ticket sales.

We need ushers.

f. Nominating Committee Update Jeff Light

We had our first meeting by conference call

g. Other Activities Steve Levine

h. Art Auction: chaired by Robert Hirsh and Ito Perl

i. Boy Scouts Buddy Gilbert, Buzz

The Boy Scouts will come up with specific projects and expenses. The Solstes Fund can be

drawn on. It is not limited to interest. The Board unanimously cashing the CD and

j. Bourbon Tasting, Coffee Sampling, and Blanket Making (2/20) Jeff Light

The Bourbon and Blankets was very well attended and was huge success.

k. VP Reports

6. Old Business

There was no old business

7. New Business

There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

Tom Timmons

Mobile: 214-557-1881

Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Mar 5, 2014

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