Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2011

  1. D'Var Torah: Tom Timmons
    Parshat Emor (Leviticus 21:1-24:23 A religion concerned about life and the living: Brotherhood Blood Drive, Flower Sale, Cooking for the needy.
  2. Introduction of New Members
  3. Introductions of Current Members (2)
    1. Name: Jeff Light
      Where you are from: Schenectady New York, same as Rabbi Klein
      How you ended up at Brotherhood
      Something that most people don't know about you:
    2. Ken Schiller
      Moved to Dallas in 1963
      Been President of Brotherhood, we help people
      the food drive is named after his parents
    3. Ronnie Isaacson
      From Ohio
      Taught in Temple, Scout Master at Temple, member of TE Couples Club
      Joined Brotherhood for the camaraderie, to be with friends
  4. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: No minutes from prior meeting
  5. New Business
    1. Discussion and approval of annual budget
      Must be a balanced budget
    2. Projected Revenue: Mike Abrams
      We have around 330 members. We are projecting 400 members
    3. Expenses: Jeff Light
      1. Expenses from associated revenue
      2. Ongoing recommended programs:
        1. Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) - $18 per member
        2. Kiddush Cups and contribution for travel to Israel
        3. Maintenance of play equipment for Pre-School
        4. Coats for Kids
        5. Christmas Mitzvah
        6. Purim Carnival
        7. High Holy Days
        8. Sunday Morning Community Coffee
        9. Party Expo
      3. New recommended programs
        1. Shofar Factory $700
      4. Not considered programs
        1. Temple Wide Congregational Day
      5. Not recommended programs
        1. Touch screen concierge $2,000
        2. Social Justice Diversity Training Dinner $500
        3. Moving the food pantry $500
        4. Family Mitzvah Corp $1,000
      6. Office expenses $200
      7. Non-financial programs
        1. Ushering
        2. Blood Drive
        3. Meals on Wheels
        4. Greene Family Camp
        5. Leah's Kitchen Thanksgiving Dinner
        6. Participation in Temple Committees
        7. Divrei Torah
        8. Nothing but Nets
        9. Pennies at a Time
      8. New recently suggested ideas
        1. Israel and/or Kosher wine and food tasting with Sisterhood and Young Adults
        2. Monthly Sunday bike rides from Temple during Religious School
      9. Your new ideas
        There was some concern expressed about the money sent to MRJ and how it is spent. This was to be taken up in more detail at a later meeting.
  6. Old Business
    1. Update on meetings with key stakeholders: Jeff Light
  7. New Business
    1. No new business.
  8. Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Timmons
Mobile: 214-557-1881

Submitted by: Tom Timmons, Jun 1, 2011

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